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Welcome to Mr Sparx, we are a Wimbledon Park based distributor of quality electrical and lighting products. Formed with the simple objective of providing new and existing customers with branded, quality products at discounted prices.

The Basics of Home Lighting

Lighting a home is not as easy as you think. Everybody knows that the way lighting is arranged can change the whole mood and ambience of your property.

With a little tweaking with the help of dimmer switches you can either make a room light and sunny, or you could make it romantic and dark.

If you are not sure how to make the best of lighting you could ask for advice from Lighting Supplies South West London. Obviously lighting shops have a great deal of experience and depending on your personal tastes, they can point you in the right direction.


After all, you will have to live with your ultimate choice for some time. If you get it completely wrong you will have to go through some expense again to rectify the problem.

If you are thinking about bedrooms and hallways and perhaps kitchen preparation areas, you need to have good lighting to perform your task. In this case you could install ceiling lighting, either recessed or pendant.  

In hallways pendants are a good choice as it will light the space well in which to receive your guests and family coming home on dark evenings.

I’m personally not fond of chandeliers because they are fiddly to clean. But if you like them they are an ideal choice for dining and entertaining areas. They are available to be used with different light sources such as energy saving bulbs or fluorescent lighting.  Make sure that you add a dimmer switch to change the atmosphere.

Pendant lights are ideal for kitchen preparation areas as they cast their light down and not in your face.  If you have a seating area in your kitchen, standing or table lamps will give an extra intimacy in those surroundings.

As you can see, each room in the home has specific requirements. Whereas working areas need good overhead lighting, the areas for relaxing need more subtle lighting to create a more intimate setting.

If you are looking for inspiration Lighting Supplies South West London can be found at our official website http://mrsparx.co.uk/

The Various Ways That I Benefited from Landscaped Lighting

“Landscaped Lighting” – did you even know that was a thing. You probably did, as you would normally have googled such a term in order to arrive at this article. I, however, had not heard of the term until I had it done to my home. In terms of interior decor/design, it is one of the best things that I have ever done, and it’s something that I will always recommend other people do too – as long as they use a proper lighting landscaper. It has made my home much more enjoyable.

If you’re in two minds about whether to have it done, then read this article, because I think it’s a fantastic thing for you to do, and I’m going to explain the various things that I feel I gained from it.

Enhancing the Natural Features of the Home
One of the first things that I noticed after having my home light-scaped was the difference it made to the character of the property. Now, my home already has a lot of character. It was built in 1890, and one thing that you can say about Victorian properties is that they have character. The high ceilings, the light mounts, the coving, the wooden floor boards (not originals anymore, but as a non-expert, you can’t tell), they're all enhanced by the way my designer landscaped the lighting.

I choose a lighting store Wimbledon for my design, so it was fairly expensive, but I certainly got value for money. It cost less than £1000 to do the entire downstairs of our home, and I asked for high quality fixtures and fittings, which I got. Personally, I feel that it adds a lot of value to the home, and that when I come to sell it, it will produce incredible photographs – the only issue is that I’ll want everyone to visit after dark!

Creating Fantastic Atmospheres
The title of this section might strike you as odd. Surely, I mean ‘atmosphere’ in the singular? Nope, the great thing about landscaped lighting is that the designers can make it so that you can create a number of different feelings for your home.

For example, if I’m having guests over, I can create mood lighting that sets the tone for a lively but relaxed evening. Alternatively, if I’m feeling a bit romantic, or just in one of those “film, take-away, blanket, sofa” moods, I can set the lighting to a more dark and mysterious mood facilitator.


I love the influence it has on my mood. I especially like it in autumn. As the days start to draw in and it becomes colder, I set it to a warm glow for when I get home. It always feels as if the house is giving me a cuddle, and it’s a great way to be welcomed back in. the lighting store Wimbledon are experts at understand the various moods a person might want. Well, that was my personal experience anyway.

Overall, the landscape lighting is one of my favourite features of the house. It really is very surprising just how much influence light has on mood, and for me, my mood is the thing that dictates how I feel about things, so the lighting makes me feel much happier and much more positive.

If you’d like to find out more about the magic of great lighting, then please visit http://mrsparx.co.uk

Get A Masters In Lighting

The difference between good and bad lighting in a home can be enormous and makes the difference between a home and an office.


Too many bright recessed ceiling lights with no other type of lighting can be almost as bad as the single middle of the ceiling bulb. Getting it all so that there is a warmth and character to a room means a little effort and some research.


As a measure of how important good lighting is it’s worth pointing out that there are several universities in the UK and around the world that offer degree courses in the subject.


And not just BSc’s but postgraduate. Admittedly, the average person isn’t going to spend years studying lighting just to get home lighting perfect. Most of the graduates go into theatre and film work.


Others enter the world of architectural lighting for new buildings such as airport terminals and large office buildings.


But the fact that lighting can be studied to such a level should give a clue as to the importance of getting it right.


There are lighting shops Wimbledon where you can at least visit and get an idea of all the latest lighting fixtures and design.


Too many homes are poorly lit and something really needs to be done about it. There are various little tricks to show off a property you may be trying to sell. The lit log fire, the percolating coffee and if it’s evening time, then good lighting is a huge help.


Lighting should be adjustable to create different moods. And this means the use of plenty of dimmer switches.


It also helps to think of lighting in layers and not all from just one level. Ceiling recessed lights are fine but only with a dimmer switch. They should also not be the only source of light in a room.


Some standard lamps strategically placed in darker corners along with table lamps all add to a cosy warm atmosphere.


So the next time you are thinking of redecorating a room, spare some thought for the new lighting.


For lighting shops Wimbledon visit mrsparx.co.uk

Why You Should Always Buy Electronics and Electrical Fixtures and Fixings in Real Life



The internet is great. It’s given us plenty of cheap goods and has blasted open competition. However, when it comes to certain types of products, it’s often better to buy in the real world. This is because you are afforded several benefits in the real world that you simply don’t have online.


When it comes to certain products, especially things like electrical goods and medicine, it is vital to have these additional benefits. Below, we’re going to outline what these benefits are.


  1. It’s often safer: when buying items that can be dangerous – e.g. electrical goods, which could go wrong and start fires; medicine that could be contaminated or not what it purports to be – it is much safer to shop in the real world.


This is because you cannot always tell from whom you are purchasing the product, or from where it comes. It’s ok if you’re buying from some of the big box retailers, but if you’re buying from some obscure Amazon or EBay seller, then you can never be quite sure. Even if the item is branded, you have no way of ensuring that it hasn’t been tampered with.


By shopping in the real world, you are afforded all the protection of safety legislations issued in the UK. By popping into your local electrical stores South West London, as opposed to popping online, you can help to keep yourself safe.


  1. You can get tailored advice: when you shop online, you can get advice, but it’s not as comprehensive as in the real world. That’s because it’s largely conducted over live chat or email, both of which take a long time, and maybe negate getting all the information that you need.


In the real world, you can go to the shop and discuss your needs in person. For instance, if you're looking for lighting in your home, you can take in videos/photos (on your phone) of the issues and problems, and they can help you to make the correct decision for your needs.


It’s much easier to get advice in the real world, because you have one-to-one advice.


  1. You’re helping the local economy: finally, by shopping at your local electrical stores South West London, you’re helping your local economy to prosper. Over the coming years, buying British goods and services is going to become increasingly important as we face issues with globalisation and our place on the world stage. Not to get political, but buying British means that you help safeguard the stability of the local economy. It can be a little more expensive, but at that price, you receive a tailored experience and safer electronics. It’s a double win.


If you are interested in finding your local electronics store, please visit http://mrsparx.co.uk/.



When refurbishing a property, even if it’s one room, plenty of thought should be put into the lighting. With such a choice of lighting solutions the best way to do this is to visit a local lighting store.


Here will be plenty to ignite your imagination. Lighting is an essential part of interior design today and it’s even a university degree course now.

It’s not just the home that needs thoughtful lighting but shops also. If you own a shop or restaurant you’ll know that there are only a couple of seconds to attract a passer-by to stop and look.


The window display is always essential to get right but that also means the lighting too. Normally this involves the use of spotlights to highlight the major attractions in the window.


A new kitchen or bathroom project will almost certainly require some work that needs to be handled by a qualified electrician. This is a golden opportunity to re-think all the lighting. And it often involves additional sockets.


There is a well-known lighting shop south west London that not only supplies any number of lighting solutions but the owner is a qualified electrician.

With so many properties in that part of the world having new extensions, new kitchens and bathrooms, the electrician will have been involved in a number of interesting lighting projects.


So if you are having a new kitchen or bathroom then it’s worth seeking their opinion on all the latest lighting possibilities. No more do we have to accept the solitary ceiling lamp as there really are so many other attractive and practical options.


Good lighting can give rooms a charm all of their own and solutions for each individual part of the house can all be quite different. For large detached properties with gardens there are also some excellent outdoor security systems.


These don’t have to be over-intrusive but when lights are properly placed they can light up the house and garden in a very attractive way.