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Welcome to Mr Sparx, we are a Wimbledon Park based distributor of quality electrical and lighting products. Formed with the simple objective of providing new and existing customers with branded, quality products at discounted prices.

Get A Masters In Lighting

The difference between good and bad lighting in a home can be enormous and makes the difference between a home and an office.


Too many bright recessed ceiling lights with no other type of lighting can be almost as bad as the single middle of the ceiling bulb. Getting it all so that there is a warmth and character to a room means a little effort and some research.


As a measure of how important good lighting is it’s worth pointing out that there are several universities in the UK and around the world that offer degree courses in the subject.


And not just BSc’s but postgraduate. Admittedly, the average person isn’t going to spend years studying lighting just to get home lighting perfect. Most of the graduates go into theatre and film work.


Others enter the world of architectural lighting for new buildings such as airport terminals and large office buildings.


But the fact that lighting can be studied to such a level should give a clue as to the importance of getting it right.


There are lighting shops Wimbledon where you can at least visit and get an idea of all the latest lighting fixtures and design.


Too many homes are poorly lit and something really needs to be done about it. There are various little tricks to show off a property you may be trying to sell. The lit log fire, the percolating coffee and if it’s evening time, then good lighting is a huge help.


Lighting should be adjustable to create different moods. And this means the use of plenty of dimmer switches.


It also helps to think of lighting in layers and not all from just one level. Ceiling recessed lights are fine but only with a dimmer switch. They should also not be the only source of light in a room.


Some standard lamps strategically placed in darker corners along with table lamps all add to a cosy warm atmosphere.


So the next time you are thinking of redecorating a room, spare some thought for the new lighting.


For lighting shops Wimbledon visit mrsparx.co.uk