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Welcome to Mr Sparx, we are a Wimbledon Park based distributor of quality electrical and lighting products. Formed with the simple objective of providing new and existing customers with branded, quality products at discounted prices.

Why You Should Always Buy Electronics and Electrical Fixtures and Fixings in Real Life



The internet is great. It’s given us plenty of cheap goods and has blasted open competition. However, when it comes to certain types of products, it’s often better to buy in the real world. This is because you are afforded several benefits in the real world that you simply don’t have online.


When it comes to certain products, especially things like electrical goods and medicine, it is vital to have these additional benefits. Below, we’re going to outline what these benefits are.


  1. It’s often safer: when buying items that can be dangerous – e.g. electrical goods, which could go wrong and start fires; medicine that could be contaminated or not what it purports to be – it is much safer to shop in the real world.


This is because you cannot always tell from whom you are purchasing the product, or from where it comes. It’s ok if you’re buying from some of the big box retailers, but if you’re buying from some obscure Amazon or EBay seller, then you can never be quite sure. Even if the item is branded, you have no way of ensuring that it hasn’t been tampered with.


By shopping in the real world, you are afforded all the protection of safety legislations issued in the UK. By popping into your local electrical stores South West London, as opposed to popping online, you can help to keep yourself safe.


  1. You can get tailored advice: when you shop online, you can get advice, but it’s not as comprehensive as in the real world. That’s because it’s largely conducted over live chat or email, both of which take a long time, and maybe negate getting all the information that you need.


In the real world, you can go to the shop and discuss your needs in person. For instance, if you're looking for lighting in your home, you can take in videos/photos (on your phone) of the issues and problems, and they can help you to make the correct decision for your needs.


It’s much easier to get advice in the real world, because you have one-to-one advice.


  1. You’re helping the local economy: finally, by shopping at your local electrical stores South West London, you’re helping your local economy to prosper. Over the coming years, buying British goods and services is going to become increasingly important as we face issues with globalisation and our place on the world stage. Not to get political, but buying British means that you help safeguard the stability of the local economy. It can be a little more expensive, but at that price, you receive a tailored experience and safer electronics. It’s a double win.


If you are interested in finding your local electronics store, please visit http://mrsparx.co.uk/.