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Mr. Sparx

Welcome to Mr Sparx, we are a Wimbledon Park based distributor of quality electrical and lighting products. Formed with the simple objective of providing new and existing customers with branded, quality products at discounted prices.


When refurbishing a property, even if it’s one room, plenty of thought should be put into the lighting. With such a choice of lighting solutions the best way to do this is to visit a local lighting store.


Here will be plenty to ignite your imagination. Lighting is an essential part of interior design today and it’s even a university degree course now.

It’s not just the home that needs thoughtful lighting but shops also. If you own a shop or restaurant you’ll know that there are only a couple of seconds to attract a passer-by to stop and look.


The window display is always essential to get right but that also means the lighting too. Normally this involves the use of spotlights to highlight the major attractions in the window.


A new kitchen or bathroom project will almost certainly require some work that needs to be handled by a qualified electrician. This is a golden opportunity to re-think all the lighting. And it often involves additional sockets.


There is a well-known lighting shop south west London that not only supplies any number of lighting solutions but the owner is a qualified electrician.

With so many properties in that part of the world having new extensions, new kitchens and bathrooms, the electrician will have been involved in a number of interesting lighting projects.


So if you are having a new kitchen or bathroom then it’s worth seeking their opinion on all the latest lighting possibilities. No more do we have to accept the solitary ceiling lamp as there really are so many other attractive and practical options.


Good lighting can give rooms a charm all of their own and solutions for each individual part of the house can all be quite different. For large detached properties with gardens there are also some excellent outdoor security systems.


These don’t have to be over-intrusive but when lights are properly placed they can light up the house and garden in a very attractive way.